“The nature of beauty is individual, the beauty of Nature is universal.”

Beauty, health, mental balance and wealth, are all subjected to the unwavering rules of nature.
Studying and applying them to our daily lives is a tremendous hold in our shaky existence.

Dr. Karavani


Dr. Karavani provides consultancy and coaching to the corporate world in the fields of skin, health, and mind.

With his expertise and experience, he creates the shift from average to excellence.


Born on 22 May 1961.
MD. Entrepreneur.

Dermatologic and Cosmetic Surgeon. Anti-ageing. Naturopathy. Inventor and patentholder. Author of medical, philosophical and naturopathic books. Keynote Speaker. Past President of the Benelux Society for Dermatological Surgery. Inventor of the AYAVAYA Cabin for stress management.

Dr. Karavani graduated Cum Lauda at the University of Antwerp in Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery (1987). After graduation he was appointed as consultant for dermatological surgery at the University of Antwerp. Founding member of the Belgian Association of Dermato-Cosmetic Sciences (BADECOS). Past-President of the Benelux Society for Dermatological Surgery. Co-author of the first official Dutch textbook on Cosmetic Surgery (June 2000). Author of multiple books about skin, natural health and mental health and their impact on corporate life.