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Natural Rejuvenation with Neurofeedback

Our body and its organs is operated by a Neuro-Immuno-Endocrine system. That implies that health is sustained by continuous exchange of information between the peripheral and the central nervous system. Specific nerve bundles stream information back and forth between the periphery and the center, keeping our organs vital and balanced. We call this process Neurofeedback, and it’s the engine of life.

Detail / Section of peripheral nerve bundles

Unfortunately, these nerve bundles degenerate over the years: a phenomenon we call neuropathy. The result is an impaired neurofeedback loop, weakening the vitality of the organs which depend on it. Ageing of the skin, the facial muscles or the hair follicles, is the first visible effect of a dysfunctional neurofeedback loop. But more invalidating are the effects on our reproductive organs, as nature shuts off these functions passed the age of procreation.

The statistics on that topic are clear and reveal that more than 65% of men and women above the age of 50 are suffering from genital dysfunction. Not surprising considering our new reality: we live much longer, and lead healthy sexual lives till a much more advanced age.

Erectile dysfunction and prostate problems are dominating the life quality of men, while urinary leakage and vaginal dryness have become a real scourge for women above 50. In modern pharmacies the aisle of sanitary napkins dealing with urinary leakage has outgrown their menstrual counterpart, and lubricants are displayed alongside as a package deal. Men go through the embarrassing request for erectile enhancement pills at the counter.

By the time we reach the age of 60 the statistical data are flat out alarming. Mostly pills and operations are advocated despite their temporary, painful or risky character. Not to mention their high cost or substantial down time. With the recent understanding of our neurofeedback loops and ways to regenerate them, the development of safe, noninvasive, natural and sustainable solutions is now entering this market.

The anatomy of these connections is clear.

The chart shows some of the main neural connections between the central nervous system (the spine), and the organs in general.

 The following charts shows the more specific neural connections between the central nervous system  (the spine), and the reproductive organs of men and women.  Some of these nerve endings support the function while others ensure the sensation that goes with it.

So far we have tried to achieve natural rejuvenation through local stimulation of the peripheral organs themselves, by inflicting mild aggressions or stimulations directly to these organs as if they were isolated from the central nervous system. Pelvic training or vaginal laser treatments are popular and supposed to induce regeneration, but they are not as effective as a well-functioning Neurofeedback loop. True regeneration can only be achieved by reconnecting the tissues to our nervous system. This is exactly the aim of neurofeedback stimulation.

Neurofeedback is a new method that uses the body’s innate mechanisms, 100% natural and non-invasive. It regenerates the nervous connection and restores the feedback loop.

We call it the “Royal treatment” as Kings and Queens rely on their reproductive power to guarantee their lineage.

How does it work?

An electric device with the right electronic parameters is connected electrically with one end to the corresponding neural exits at the level of the spine with an adhesive electrode, and on the other end, an electrical pen is conducting the energy through the skin, to the targeted organ.

In order to create an electrically conductive skin on both ends for these “microcurrents”, the skin is infiltrated with electrolytes that will conduct these electric microcurrents. We start by infiltrating the skin with solutions charged with electrolytes. These electrolytes reach the depth of the skin through the follicles, enabling conductivity of the microcurrent to the nerve endings. We call that “no-needle intrafollicular infusion”.

This solution serves primarily to improve the skin’s electrical conductivity in a non-invasive manner, thus facilitating the neurofeedback loop.

Now the regeneration through neurofeedback can start. An adhesive electrode is placed on the spine at the level of the exiting nerves that correspond with the genital organs.

The pen slides slowly on the skin surrounding the genital area. Both contact points give you a slight sensation of tickling. During the whole treatment the patient can still keep his or her underwear. The session takes approximately 30 minutes.

On the left, the tip of the Pen, and on the right the adhesive electrode which is placed on the spine at the right level.

The result of this stimulation is to restore the natural information loops between the peripheral organs and the central nervous system.

What is exactly rejuvenated?

A few major features of the rejuvenation are:

  • Women: a full relaxation and contraction of the perineal muscles around the genital area enhancing the tightness of the vaginal inner wall
  • Women: an active vaginal mucosa and its lubricating glands restore the “moistness” of the vagina.
  • Men: a stimulation of the vasculature in the region, conducting more blood flow to the penis and vulva. A stronger erectile tension is the ultimate result.
  • Men & Women: Better orgasms. An enhanced sensory perception of the sexual nerve endings improves the sexual sensation.
  • Men & Women: The urinary flow for both men and women is restored, meaning less urinary leakage for women and a free un-impaired flow of urine for men.

Thanks to a regained vitality of a well-functioning neurofeedback loop, the rejuvenated genital function of men and women restores their self-confidence.

Note that more than 65% of both sexes suffer respectively from erectile dysfunction and prostate enlargement vs urinary incontinence and vaginal dryness, as of their fifties. Four sessions of neurofeedback, with 1-week interval between each session, can alleviate these symptoms substantially.

Neurofeedback is not an instant magic trick. Just like every natural process, it takes time to kick in. Known neurofeedback mechanisms such as cycling or writing take time to settle in.  But once acquired they remain ours. Hence, the same patience must be exhibited for the regaining of our natural power and function.

An average of 4 sessions is needed till the neurofeedback loop kicks in. But once it does, the results cannot be argued.

An additional session once or twice a year is enough to keep the Neurofeedback loop healthy.