Dr. Karavani is a well sought key note speaker in the fields he masters, namely skin care and laser surgery, natural health, mind management and corporate growth by applying the rules of nature.
He is a frequent speaker on the International Congresses on Aesthetic Surgery such as the IMCAS in Paris and the Anti-Ageing World Congress in Monaco.
His view on naturopathy and the application of rules of nature are a frequent topic in his key note speeches.


“We live in a world where opinions oppose us, where we focus on what divides us instead of what unites us. Duality might be inevitable in order to observe the world around us. But our true purpose in life is understanding that the unity in ourselves, and the connection with others is what matters. The trust in the intelligence of Nature is a belief that unites us. Whether our core beliefs might be, we all agree to be part Nature. It teaches us powerful lessons, applicable to all aspects of our life. Beauty, health, mental balance and wealth, are all subjected to the unwavering rules of nature. Understanding and applying them to our daily lives is a solid anchor in our shaky existence.”

Dr. Karavani


Training and lecturing at the World Congress is considered as the most prestigious platform of the Medical Aesthetic community.


Key note speech at Feeling Forward, where key opinion leaders in their field, talk about the new trends and recent developments in their profession.

From his expertise, Dr. Karavani takes a closer look at biofeedback, one of the latest innovations in the beauty world, looking at the interaction between our brains and organs. From biofeedback, for example, skin aging can be combated in a sustainable and natural way. An authority in his field that you will absolutely want to hear! Doctor Ilan Karavani specialized in Dermato-Surgery and Cosmetic Sciences. Together with his team, he is involved in the development of skin care, with customized active cosmetics and high-tech treatments performed in his private practice in Antwerp. Karavani can tell like no other which new, progressive techniques are on the market that help you to combat skin aging.