A new natural way to regenerate the face and neck. The facial muscles shape our expression and volume, just like it does for the body. With ageing, loss of muscular tone and volume, affects our appearance. Neurofeedback combines two new techniques that provide a natural recovery of the face.

Neurofeedback* – Biofeedback** – Superboost***
Natural rejuvenation with Neurofeedback

Our Skin is a Neuro-Immuno-Endocrine system. That implies that health is sustained by the continuous exchange of information between the peripheral and the central nervous system. Specialized nerve bundles transport up and down streams of information between the periphery and the center, keeping our organs vital and balanced. We call this mechanism Neurofeedback, and it’s the engine of life.

Detail / Section of peripheral nerve

Unfortunately, these neurofeedback loops degenerate over the years, weakening the vitality of the organs which depend on them. Skin, facial muscles or hair follicles, are affected at first, followed by more vital organs.

The chart shows some of the neural connections between the central nervous system  (the spine), and the organs.

So far we have tried to achieve natural rejuvenation through local stimulation of the peripheral organs themselves, by inflicting mild aggressions or stimulations directly to these organs as if they were isolated from the central nervous system. The subsequent reaction of these tissues is supposed to induce regeneration. However, true regeneration can only be achieved by reconnecting the tissues to our nervous system. This is exactly the aim of neurofeedback stimulation.

Neurofeedback is a new method that uses the body’s innate mechanisms, 100% natural and non-invasive. It regenerates the nervous connection and restores the feedback loop.

An electric device with the right electronic parameters is connected electrically with one end to the corresponding neural exits at the spine, and on the other end, a pen is conducting the energy to the matching organ.

It all starts with the infiltration of the skin openings to the ducts – sweat glands and pores – with active ingredients that have a double role: first and foremost to create electrical conductivity of the dermis, followed by skin improvement/rejuvenation through the action of the infiltrated fluids.

In order to create an electrically conductive skin for these “microcurrents”, follicular or ductal infiltration of liquid solutions charged with electrolytes through the openings on the skin surface, is mandatory. They reach the depth of the skin and enable conductivity of the microcurrent to the nerve endings. We call that “no-needle intraductal infusion”.

This solution serves primarily to improve the skin’s electrical conductivity in a non-invasive manner, thus facilitating the neurofeedback loop.

These solutions can contain plain electrolytes such as sugar or salt. Incidentally, the infiltrated fluids can also contain useful active ingredients such as magnesium, glycolic acid, vitamin C or lactic acid, peptides, hyaluronic acid, and exert an additional local regenerating effect.

Elastotic skin, dry skin, acne, seborrheic dermatitis, blocked pores, hair loss, and many other skin conditions can be improved by these solutions.

All these actions are added to the regeneration of the nerves connecting the spine to the peripheral organs.

After the infiltration, the neural regeneration through neurofeedback can start.

On the left the tip of the electrical Pen and on the right the adhesive electrode which is placed on the spine at the right level.

The result is to restore the natural loops of afferent and efferent nerves between the peripheral organs, such as hairs, muscles or skin, and the central nervous system.


Skin regeneration for a variety of skin conditions such as Elastotic skin, dry skin, acne, seborrheic dermatitis, blocked pores, periorbital dark circles, redundant skin, wounds, inflammatory skin diseases, etc.

Finally, the rejuvenated skin regains its balance leading to thicker and more elastic skin. Wrinkles fade, and the skin color evens out. Not surprising, considering that the fibroblasts of the skin are intimately linked to the nervous system and owe their vitality to a well-functioning neurofeedback loop.

Hair growth is restored by vitalizing sleeping hair follicles. Revival of sleeping hair follicles accounts for over 30.000 additional hairs in the age category between 25 years and 50 years. This in contrast with hair transplant surgery that merely relocates 1.000 to 4.000 hair follicles from the back of the scalp to the vortex. Furthermore, transplanted hair follicles lack the natural inclination and distribution of one’s own hairs.

Muscles rejuvenate and regain three major features:  a full relaxation after each contraction, more muscle tone and thus more lifting power, and finally additional muscular volume.

·       Rejuvenated muscles can relax after each contraction, reducing expression lines.

·       A regained muscular tone is lifting the sagging face. The effect on the m. Levator Palpebra opens the eyelids again, the V-shape of the face is restored, the corners of the mouth curl up, and the loose neck tightens.

·       The volume of the muscles increases, hence the fuller cheeks, the curved forehead, or the naturally fuller lips.

The genital function of men and women decreased with aging.  More than 65% of both sexes suffer respectively from erectile dysfunction and prostate enlargement in men vs urinary incontinence and vaginal dryness in women. Four sessions of neurofeedback, with 1-week interval between each session, can alleviate these symptoms substantially.

Miscellaneous. There are plenty of other positive effects of neurofeedback such as improved eyesight and hearing, less peripheral neuropathy, and improved hormonal balance.

Known neurofeedback mechanisms such as cycling or writing take time to settle in.  But once acquired they remain ours. Hence, the same patience must be exhibited for the regaining of our natural beauty and function.

An average of 4 to 6 sessions are needed till the neurofeedback loop kicks in. But once it does, the result cannot be argued.

An additional session once or twice a year is enough to keep the Neurofeedback loop healthy.

*Neurofeedback is the specific term. It refers to the nervous loop connecting the organs to the central nervous system

**Biofeedback is the general term. It refers to the feedback loops that govern the biology of life.

***Superboost is the commercial term used. It refers to the boost that the organs receive from the regeneration of the loops.