We are unique, driven by an invisible force and intelligence that constitutes our identity. Many words have been used to describe this invisible potential, a soul is one of them. Yet beyond the words that we wave as flags indicating our type of belief, we struggle to understand the mechanism by which the body and that “soul” interact. Your Soul Type dives into the core of our existence and provides answers to essential questions, we humans struggle with.


Why Awareness?

A fish does not know what the ocean is. Nor does a bird know what flying means.

The closer we come to ourselves, the bigger our blind spot becomes. The only person in the crowd you can’t see, is yourself. That’s why we rely on mirrors. But as we all know, every time we look in the mirror it reflects another person. The light, the mirror, the angle, our state of mind, are only few out of so many factors that will affect our self-perception. The relation with ourselves through our reflected image is for most people troublesome. Like the queen in the tale of Snow White we all dread the answer of the mirror. Because of that unclear vision about ourselves, we seek all sorts of confirmation from the outside world. Compliments, prices, rewards, contests, statues, reviews, likes and virtually any kind of feedback will affect our self-judgement to some extent. Not only is this process tiresome, but it leads to excesses in order to provoke a reaction. Countless times we see people entering awkward situations, just to extract some compliments.

Esoteric teachers remind us that what we say about ourselves, only relates to others, because we can only see the others. Conversely, what we say about others, relates to ourselves as we recognize these traits in them unconsciously like in our mirror.

The Sanskrit term “guru” is supposedly based on the syllables gu (गु) and ru (रु), which stands for darkness and “light that dispels it”, respectively. The guru is seen as the one who “dispels the darkness”, thus clearing our internal vision or awareness.

He does not show the way, just lights the darkness so we can be aware of our path.

In that sense, the Awareness program is not a regular coaching program. It does not lead you to a pre-defined destination generated in the mind. But makes you aware of who you truly are, so that the soul can reach its purpose, assisted in this task by the mind.