Your Skin Type is the world’s first scientifically-based skin analysis system with customized solutions and personalized advice. Cosmetic brands such as IKARI SKIN EXPERTS, have joined this system to advise their customers. This registered method is protected by several patents.


The YST skin-scan detects more than 300,000 different skin types and is far ahead of the division into four skin types of the last century. Our system can follow the evolution of your skin from a deviant skin type to a “normal” skin type.

Following this precise skin analysis, the modular, combinable cosmetics system was created. More and more brands and products are gradually joining the range of specific tailor-made solutions.

After years of research with a wide team of specialist doctors, skin therapists, pharmacists, laboratories and engineers, the experience of our team has been gathered into a practical application: the YourSkinType skin analysis. This unique software makes a diagnosis as you would expect from medical specialists. The program converts the secret language of the skin into a unique 15-digit code that identifies your skin type and is linked to a tailor-made solution: the SkinCode.

A search engine analyzes your SkinCode and prints a personal program for you, with the correct instructions for use for each zone of your face. This ensures that your cosmetics are seamlessly adapted to your skin type.

Customized care is the future of skin improvement.

After all, you are unique.