In 2004, Dr. Karavani studied the benefits of natural medicine in his field and came to realize the essential role of naturopathy in well-aging. His interest was piqued by experiencing changes in his skin texture during a three-week course of Ayurvedic detox treatments.

By applying nature’s rules to improve his health, he discovered that beauty and health are both subject to the same principles of nature. For the last 16 years he has gradually applied the principles of natural medicine in his clinic and obtained amazing results. This eventually led to the realization of the book Your Body Type and the subsequent coaching program including the use of the Ayavaya cabin for stress relief.

The purpose of this book is to help us maintain the natural balance of our body type as we age. While our bodies can handle temporary imbalances like a heavy meal or a hangover after a party, it is the persistent excesses that will harm our health in the long run. Your body type determines the appropriate energies of food, work, occupation, housing, lifestyle and even relationships, so that you can reach your ultimate potential of being “yourself”. In addition, you will naturally discover how to reduce our most dreaded diseases of civilization, such as diabetes, obesity, heart failure, cancer and depression, through better energetic balance. Finally, our quality of life is determined by the way we age. After all, your body type contains valuable information for a healthy and carefree aging process, including the approach to menopausal complaints and lifelong preservation of your male potency.

Unlock your full potential with “lifestyle” recommendations that match your energetic fingerprint. Get in shape while you still can!