“The nature of beauty is individual, the beauty of Nature is universal.”

Beauty, health, mental balance and wealth, are all subjected to the unwavering rules of nature.
Studying and applying them to our daily lives is a tremendous hold in our shaky existence.

Dr. Karavani


Dr. Karavani provides consultancy and coaching to the corporate world in the fields of skin, health, and mind management.

With his expertise and experience, he creates the shift from average to excellence.


Born on 22 May 1961.
MD. Entrepreneur in Health Tech.

Dermatologic and Cosmetic Surgeon. Anti-ageing. Naturopathy. Inventor and patentholder. Author of medical, philosophical and naturopathic books. Keynote Speaker. Past President of the Benelux Society for Dermatological Surgery. Inventor of the AYAVAYA Cabin for stress management and REYU by the Superboost company.

Dr. Karavani graduated Cum Lauda at the University of Antwerp in Dermatology and Dermatologic Surgery (1987). After graduation he was appointed as consultant for dermatological surgery at the University of Antwerp. Founding member of the Belgian Association of Dermato-Cosmetic Sciences (BADECOS). Past-President of the Benelux Society for Dermatological Surgery. Co-author of the first official Dutch textbook on Cosmetic Surgery (June 2000). Author of multiple books about skin, natural health and mental health and their impact on corporate life.








Dr. Karavani is the author of several books. The topics covered are diverse. Scientific medical books on cosmetic surgery, skin care, natural health and mental health, but also philosophical novels on life’s biggest issues and insights in entrepreneurship based on the laws of Nature.


HOMEHOMEWith a vast experience in a wide range of human interests, Dr. Karavani provides not only a high value scientific content, but places it in a modern context which provides his audience with tangible and applicable added value. Lectures such as “The biology of Wealth” describe how billionaires attained their status by following knowingly or unknowingly the rules of nature. Other lectures such as “The currency of life” are focused on physical health and balance by analyzing what the body really values. From aesthetics to mental health, the lectures of Dr. Karavani are drawn from over 30 years of medical practice, combined with a vast background in esoteric knowledge.


HOMEHOMECoaching programs such as the “Awareness program” and “The biology of Wealth” are designed for companies who are willing to grow by applying the powerful and everlasting rules of nature.

Be amazed by the ingenuity of nature to solve problems and build up resilience when times are tough. By thriving millennium after millennium, with incredible returns and sustainability, nature demonstrates its superiority to every other man-made organization. Nature is the ‘corporate culture’ by excellence, to mimic and emulate in our modern day economy. Take a quantum leap in your organization by following the guidelines of an expert in human engineering.

Dr. Karavani provides consultancy and coaching to the corporate world in the fields of skin, health and mind. With his expertise and experience he creates the shift from average to excellence.


HOMEHOMEThe Aesthetic Clinic


Dr. Karavani practices currently in Antwerp, Belgium,  in collaboration with Dr Haesevoets. The clinic is specialized in Aesthetic treatments and anti-ageing.


Your Skin Type analysis

In 1999 Dr Karavani started his research on skin typology and personalized skin care. The secret to a glowing healthy skin lies in a Dermatological grade Analysis, Followed by an accurate Diagnosis, and finally a Customized Skin Care adapted to your skin type. The whole process is supervised by expert dermatologists.


HOME REYU by Superboost

REYU by Superboost (refers to Neurofeedback as part of the Biofeedback realm) is a natural way to regenerate the face, neck, hair, and body by reconnecting these peripheral organs to the central nervous system. Neurofeedback combines two techniques that ensure a natural recovery of these tissues through regeneration of the neuronal connections, thus reestablishing life’s homeostasis.



Your Body Type

In 2004, Dr. Karavani introduced natural medicine in his field and emphasized the essential role of naturopathy in well-aging. His interest sparked by observing the changes in his skin texture during an Ayurvedic detox retreat. In the following 16 years he studied naturopathy and the ways our Western civilization could benefit from its principles. His body Type Test reveals the imbalances and points to the ways to correct them naturally.


HOME HOMEThe Ayavaya Concept

In 2018, after 16 years of research and trial, Dr Karavani patented his method for induced stress reduction. In 2020 it evolved into the AYAVAYA concept, an innovative technology based on scientifically proven methods, to instantly combat stress. This unique technology is scientifically tested and further developed into a magic cabin that will free you from even the most severe stress and recharge you with energy, focus and mental balance.