I love you sun, but I’ve chosen to protect the skin I’m in! I’m not telling anything you don’t already know but the biggest source of skin-aging is still our beloved sun. UV rays account for 80% of skin-aging, including wrinkles. Just wanted to remind you that it’s never too late to take care of your skin and slow down the cruel hands of time. Start by protecting properly against the sun and you’ll see you’ll come a long way. So here’s some of my tricks to get flirty with the weather and enjoy the pro’s without the cons.

  1. Essential for a bleach blonde like me. Protect your hair and avoid getting overheated with this big size floppy hat by Asos.
  2. I’ve been fooling you guys, the tan is fake. I got it from Lancaster’s Self Tan for body & face. Gentle texture and pleasant smell. What you see is what get, according to its name ‘A week in Ibiza’. Visible after 1x use, so be careful and don’t overdo!
  3. It’s ok to get a tan but it’s not ok to get wrinkles. I use this IKARI sunblock 50 serum whenever the sun’s out, even in wintertime. Prevention before cure.
  4. A revolutionary new beauty summer hack by YSL and already one of my favorite! This compact Teint Saharienne has a creamy texture but turns into a gentle powder when applied onto the face. If you don’t like wearing foundation on hot summer days just like me, you’ll love this featherlight bronzer to create a sun kissed look and even for contouring.
  5. I don’ need to tell anyone that sun can be tricky and more damaging than you expect. The June by Netatmo bracelet alerts you about the UV danger through an app and shows how much sun you’re actually absorbing. This smart nose bracelet comes in a beautiful leather wristband with a (bluetooth driven) gem and is currently my favorite summer accessory. You’ll thank her one day.